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RV Carpet Cleaning

RV carpeting is the same carpeting you’ll find in your home today. RV carpets are in the same colors and pile heights, and it’s the same type of carpet used in over 70 percent of the residences in the United States today.

When it comes to cleaning your residential carpet most of you would call a professional carpet cleaner, but there are differences between the types of dirt found in a residence and the dirt found in a car or RV. You won’t typically find oil drippings or melting tar on the carpet at home – but that’s exactly what you’ll find, along with gravel or mud from the shoulder of the road – in an RV.

Residential carpet cleaners are not accustomed to dealing with this type of heavy soiling and may not get the best results cleaning an RV carpet. This is where you have an advantage being a professional auto retailer those are the types of soiling we see every day on automotive carpeting.