No carpet is stain-proof! While many retail salespeople may paint a picture that a product is bullet proof and most spills clean up with water, this is not always the case. However, armed with the proper knowledge, proper Sapphire Carpet Cleaning, a little practice, and a boatload of patience, you should be able to remove the majority of spills before they become permanent stains. For clarification, we should distinguish between spills, spots, and stains. A spill is a fresh accident. With most carpet, fresh spills will come out with ease, if removal is attempted quickly. Most spills require time to attach to carpet dye sites before you have difficulty removing them.

Bringing in a professional cleaner on a 2-3 year basis to reapply a fresh topical treatment will help prolong the time before this attachment occurs and is well worth the money. These treatments increase surface tension to allow spills to bead on the surface. These treatments wear away and wash away over time, so a reapplication is necessary.

  • Innovative, deep cleaning process.
  • Background-checked and insured technicians.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Free estimates on cleaning costs.

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